Our Fleet

Six ambulances equipped with state-of-the-art advanced pre-hospital care equipment, including respiratory ventilators with C-Pap, multiparameter vital sign monitors with the ability to transmit 12-lead EKGs to hospitals, GPS with tracking, on-board safety cameras, and on-board computer/data collection systems.

Additionally, one specially-equipped ambulance for our Critical Care Transport Team that is equipped with a wide range of medications and emergency medical equipment to treat the critically ill patients requiring transportation with the highest level of medical care available. Our Critical Care Team is comprised of an EMT, Critical Care Paramedic, and Critical Care Nurse with extensive training in managing these types of patients.


Three wheelchair vans for those in need of transportation to doctor’s appointments, dialysis, cancer care centers, or any other medical facility.

Two four-wheel drive quick-response vehicles operated by EMS Command Staff to provide immediate advanced life support treatment, where necessary.

One specially-designed off-road UTV for rescue/medical care.

See more images of our fleet in the gallery.

Introducing Advanced Life Saving Care with Zoll Cardiac Monitors

“Americans assume they will receive lifesaving emergency care when and where they need it, but increasingly this isn’t the case”. Superior Ambulance Service and ZOLL Medical Corporation are pleased to announce that they have taken steps to change that in Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

Superior Ambulance Service has become the first EMS Agency in Pennsylvania to purchase the new Zoll X Series Monitors/Defibrillators that have advanced capabilities. With the new monitors/defibrillators in operation, Superior Ambulance EMS providers will be able to provide the cutting edge, high quality pre-hospital care to each and every patient.

The new ZOLL X Series Monitor/Defibrillator is about half the size and weight of competitive full-feature monitor/defibrillators, yet much more powerful. Weighing less than 12 pounds, the X Series is compact without compromise in capability, performance or display size. This monitor/defibrillator combines the clinically superior therapeutic capabilities of Zoll defibrillation, pacing and CPR assistance with advanced monitoring parameters. The X Series has every advanced monitoring and communication capability required by EMS providers.

Lifesaving data will be sent via WiFi directly to an Emergency Department where a physician will review the data and prepare for the patients arrival. In a cardiac emergency, time is heart muscle, and we are prepared to save that valuable time.